Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas for a budget

Family members agreed to bring-a-dish this Thanksgiving to you agreed to host at your house. If you find yourself hoping to bring a little festivity to your centerpiece and home but have only a few dollars to do it, here are ideas for you:

  • If you don’t have a bowl, basket, or glass vase at your home to scavenge for a centerpiece, purchase an inexpensive one at a dollar store or use a plate. This can be a simple container because the contents it will hold will take center stage. You can go for rustic and fall colors or something a bit shiner to go into the sparkly holidays.
  • You can consider using plates or drinking glasses if you will have enough left over from serving the consider.
  • Check to make sure the bowl or basket will allow for heaping items or candles and not interrupt dinner guests line-of-sight.
  • If the bowl is deep, place a smaller bowl upside down inside so you need less filling.
  • If you are wondering about candles, a good rule of thumb is that daytime meals don’t require extra light so they aren’t needed.
  • This time of year, greenery outside your house has vibrant colors. Trim greenery from a shrub or snag bright leaves from a tree if there are still some available.
  • Scavenge pinecones and nuts from your yard as well. Depending on whether or not you have had a hard freeze, you might want to check for invited guests coming in on these items.
  • The amount of filler you will need for the bowl depends on its depth…that’s where the upside down bowl can come in handy.
  • As you pass through the produce section of your grocery, pick up a small bag of gourds, cranberries, nuts in the shell (not cheap but can be used for holiday baking later), butternut squash…anything that says Thanksgiving season to you! Apples and oranges can be substituted for Christmas decorating.
  • Dried bagged beans can be layered or used single color in clear containers to be used for candle holders. You can use clear glasses, but be careful with the candles.
  • Arrange your items in the bowl or basket, on the plate or in the glasses.
  • You can also tie decorations around vases of glasses. But be careful if using them with candles not to let them catch fire. Plus remember, they may not be able to stand the heat and flame.
  • Place a cloth table runner, placemat, several napkins or just a piece of fabric folder artfully on the table and top with centerpiece.
  • Info on how to make the decoration above can be found at:

Please comment to sahre your favorite inexpensive Thanksgiving decoration idea!

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