Program outline

The lessons in this program are designed to walk you steps to begin taking control of your money and your spending.  Personal Financial Management Made Easy’s lessons can be viewed in one sitting or over time. For the greatest benefit, you may prefer to review them over time. The entire program is about 3 hours in length. If you prefer not to hear the voiceover, just turn off your volume until it’s time for the video clips.

You have the option to listen or turn off the sound to view at your own pace. Upon completion of the program with 90% or better scores on the quizzes, you can print your own certificate of completion.

The lessons and their “how to” topics are:


  • Whether you have had a lack of financial education or a new desire to control your finances, you can become empowered to control your financial situation. That’s what Jessica and Joshua – fictional characters you will follow through the program – learned to do after they found they didn’t have enough in savings to cover an emergency expense. While their story is specific, the things they learned can help anyone!

Making Money Last Past the End of the Month

  • Keeping good financial records
  • Calculating net monthly income
  • Calculating monthly flexible expenses

What’s My Goal? What’s My Plan?

  • Setting effective financial goal
  • Understanding how having a budget will help you meet your financial goals
  • Viewing “budgeting” as a plan for spending money
  • Creating a simple budget
  • Saving money

Moving Forward with Better Credit

  • Obtaining a copy of your credit report from a free and reliable source
  • Reading and understanding your credit report
  • Using your credit report to improve your score
  • Using your credit report to increase opportunities for better interest rates from lenders

Keeping Control

  • Identifying what motivates you to spend
  • Using practical ways to protect yourself from spending too much
  • Idnetifying other good sources of financial management information

Click here to get started with the program. After you sign up, you will need to wait a few minutes to receive an email and confirm your interest.

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